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Elegant Window Switching with Flip 3D


“%WinDir%\System32\rundll32.exe dwmapi #105”

Activate Windows 7 without Internet access


Self Activation of Windows 7.

Please note, you will need a pen and paper to write the phone and the 48 digit ID number.

Step 1: How to retrieve the Installation ID
1. Log on Windows 7 as an administrator. Click Start, type “SLUI.EXE 4” (without the quotation marks) in the search box, and press “Enter”.
Note: There is a space between “SLUI.EXE” and “4”.

2. Select the nearest location, and click “Next”.
3. Please click “Continue” when the User Account Control dialog-box appears.

4. The Windows Activation will generate a toll-free phone number, 1-866-740-1256 for US, 1-866-740-1256 for Canada. The installation ID will be displayed in the following format:
xxxxxx – xxxxxx – xxxxxx – xxxxxx – xxxxxx – xxxxxx – xxxxxx – xxxxxx – xxxxxx

5. Please write down the phone number and the installation ID.

Microsoft Product Activation system will then generate a confirmation ID and activate Window 7 on your computer. For your convenience, I have included the detailed steps below:

Step 2: Calling the Activation Center
Note: Microsoft Product Activation is completely anonymous; therefore, no personal information is collected. The entire activation process will take about 5 minutes. Your patience is appreciated.

Please listen carefully to the Interactive Voice System’s instructions:
1. Select 7.
2. Please enter the installation ID when prompted.
3. Please note the confirmation ID for further use.

Step 3: Activate Windows 7 using the confirmation ID
1. Please enter the confirmation ID in the Windows Activation box and press “Next”.
2. Please follow the onscreen steps to complete the system activation process.

Your Windows 7 Activation is now complete.

Use Windows 7 DISKPART to boot from USB devices


“Windows Key > CMD > DISKPART > list disk”